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These award pages are ones I'm really proud of!
My Awards are very special to me...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank
all the web sites who have visited and reviewed this site.
Thank you very much, I am honored!

If you have a chance, click on the awards to visit some of these wonderful sites!

Sgt. Pleiku's Place
Sgt. Pleiku's Place
I would be honored if you accept my humble awards for your beautiful site. Sgt Pleiku's American Spirit Award for those sights which capture the true American Spirit and Sgt Pleiku's Number 1 Website Award for graphic excellence.
Spreading the word about Hep C is important and you're doing a beautiful job of it. Thank you, Neal Golden aka Sgt Pleiku 07/09/02
AS! Rated 2.5

Bear's Veteran Site

First let me thank you for a very inspirational visit to your site. Under my current scoring system, I am proud to present you with my VLWF BRONZE Pinnacle Award.
I hope my award honors you and your site as you both deserve.

Again...Thank you. Bear 07/09/02

Red Dragon of Wales

Greetings dear Lady.
Dear lady I have fought in the jungles of the world, the Falklands, the Gulf and many other places I wish to forget now I have retired.

All took courage, but courage instilled by training, your courage is far greater for it is beyond the call of duty. You have the courage to talk about you problem then the courage to fight it. That to me is something very courageous.
I send you a little gift for you to display on your website in recognition of that courage. Please display it with pride and would you be gracious enough to forward me the URL for I truly want the world to see that I at least have recognised your courage.
Dont want a link back ...... but notification of it will be posted on my awards programme once I have built the page.
I have today forwarded your website URL to Debbie one of my evaluators for my Awards Programme who treads the same path.
PLEASE REMEMBER I HAVE NOT PAID YOU THIS COMPLIMENT OUT OF SYMPATHY, but in recognition of having come across a very courageous person.
In closing may I wish you as many 'comfortable' moments that you can achieve and at least some moments when you are free of pain.

Hwyl from Ole R.D.
Here in Wales: Home of the Red Dragon 07/10/02

Super Web Awards

Your marks were as follows:
8.5/10 (Loading Time)
28/30 (Content)
17/20 (Design) Your logos and pictures were well-placed. Good background.
14.5/15 (Creativity) The whole concept of your website is creative!
8/10 (Graphics)
12/15 (Navigation) Side bar didn't load properly. Impressed by 'break out now' section.
Congratulations. You have convincingly qualified for a Grade 2 Super Web Award.
'You work hard and we reward you' Super Web Web Awards 07/10/02
AS! Rated 2.5

Jerry D's Music Site

Your site - Heppo World - has been accepted as a winner of JerryD's Bronze Award, Rated AS! 3.5. We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has nice graphics and wonderful navigation. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up with the great work.
We hope you accept our award and link back to us if you wish, it is not a requirement, but would be appreciated.
Congratulations! Again and have a nice day.

Best Regards, JerryD 07/08/02

Red Dragon of Wales

So your sat there all excited, biting nails and glued to your e-mail client just waiting for my superb award hahahahahaha . well you best be having it then.

Seriously. Great website, constructed out of adversity with the intentions of educating the world. Many thanks for asking us to evaluate. You may display the award with pride in the full knowledge that our awards do not leave Wales easily.

Take care, Mal 07/13/02

Our Darlings

I visited your site and it is wonderful!

Pearl/Owner/Our Darlings 07/10/02

We are so glad that you stopped in and applied for awards we have just been to your outstanding fantastic site and truly agreed you deserve the awards.
Once again congratulations on a well deserved award keep up the great work my friend.

Be Welcome to the site Fragments, Dama 07/10/02


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