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These award pages are ones I'm really proud of!
My Awards are very special to me...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank
all the web sites who have visited and reviewed this site.
Thank you very much, I am honored!

If you have a chance, click on the awards to visit some of these wonderful sites!

Art Castle

Congratulations! Your site have been reviewed, and have been approved for an Art Castle award.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you're doing. You are an inspiration to all, and your work are absolutely wonderful! It is my deepest pleasure to award you and your site for all the wonderful work you have accomplished!!!

Keep up the wonderful work and thank so much for sharing your talent.
Hugs, Sira 01/02/03

Jelle's Web World

Jelle's Web World

Your page is very good and I am honored to Award you with my JWW Silver Award.
The total of points you scored: 40,9
However, reading your story and all the things you did accomplished I find it necessary to Award your site also with my JWW-Award for Peace and Humanity. Usually we don't judge about the contents of a website, but in this case we want to make an exception.
The story touch our hearts and we wish you all the best. Keep on going and good luck to you.
So congratulation I am very pleased to Award you with my JWW Silver Award and the JWW Award for Peace and Humanity.
Best Regards, Jelle 01/06/03

Marie B

You have done excellent work on your site,
the graphics, the layout, informative content, originality, and easy to
access. Is my pleasure to award you with MBEAP Excellence Bronze
Award, Congratulations!!

Warmest regards, Marie B. 01/17/03

MBEAP Award Program
(WA 7.5)(AS 2.5)(UWSAG)

Dali Abel's World

Lots of people like the award and are happy to get it. I do refuse many applications. Yours was easy as I fully support what you are doing. My best friend died of that at 43, the zenit of life.

Dali Abel, Artist and Writer 01/08/03

Clybella's Castle

Thank you for sharing your wonderful site with me. It
really is lovely and I enjoyed my visit. I did not
realize that HepC was so similar in symptoms to my
situation of Fibromyalgia.

You have tremendous strength to bear the difficulties
you have and to continue to remain sober and positive.
I commend you.

Please accept this award from my heart to yours.

Clybella 01/09/03

Night Light

Hi! I'm glad to give you my award!

Love, Nilla 01/12/03

Texas Web Man

Your website has been reviewed and approved for the Platinum Award!
Very impressive! It met the mandatory criteria easily.
1. We found no broken graphics.
2.We found no broken links.
3. It was more than user-friendly, presenting information that is easily
accessible to the new visitor.

Your site also met the optional criteria very well.
1. Very attractive visually, with a great background and beautiful buttons.
2. Possessing a depth of information.
3. Possessing unique information of possible interest to others.

You have our praises and our prayers. May you continue to do much good in your life for others. May you receive comfort yourself.

Texas Webman 01/10/03

To Dance with Angels To Dance with Angels

Your web site is very special, and your heppos are very cute and I'm sure, welcomed by those who discover them. And your other art work is beautiful. I am pleased to give you two of the To Dance With Angels Web Site Awards: my Heart and Soul Award and Angelic Whispers Award.

You are definitely a survivor and hang in there--you've got the love and support of the angels. I'm sorry you've gone through so much grief--but often it is tragedy and crisis that somehow brings forward the inner-strength, and you have found that within your self.

Blessings and a peaceful New Year, Linda 01/12/03

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