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These award pages are ones I'm really proud of!
My Awards are very special to me...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank
all the web sites who have visited and reviewed this site.
Thank you very much, I am honored!

If you have a chance, click on the awards to visit some of these wonderful sites!

Euromania Certificate
Rocky Ridge Ranch
Rocky Ridge Ranch


The DAXA2003 "David Artrusso Excellence Award 2003"
Congratulations you are a winner I give my award out to sites that look good, load fast, serve a real purpose, with good site navigation, and that don't contain anything illegal etc.

Your site "Heppo World" met all the criteria for my award! So you win!
After careful review of your site against my program criteria, I have come to the following conclusions; You have developed a very informative site that was a pleasure to view. You attained a score of 185 out of 250.

There is also the DAXA2003 Certificate: This is a certificate that I give to all those people that win one of my awards this is an authenticity certificate what contains: The name of the site of the winner, the date, my town = Naples, the point that has earned your site and my signature.

Hey, well done and away to go!
Congratulations! Again.
Thanks Best Regards, Webmaster Raffaele 02/03/03
The DAXA award is rated 2.5 by Award Sites!

The Rocky Ridge Ranch congratulates you and your Website on winning the following awards! You have been awarded the AOE Gold, Cool site Award! You have a very nice site and have put a lot of hard work and effort into your site!

David Russ Webmaster 02/03/03
Home of Friends Of Donkeys!
Webs Awards rating 7.5
Award Sites rating 2.5

Web Genie
Web Genie Award ... is presented to those sites whose web content
provides useful, instructive information, shows superior design and
has achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

Stan the Man, Inc.

We found your site to be creative and full of content. Congratulations you have won "StanTheMans 5 Star Design Award." Your site is easy to use, friendly, and graphically pleasing. Plus your site enhances the originality of the Internet community.

Congratulations, Awards Department 02/04/03

John Russell
Your site has qualified for your choice of my awards!

Let me recommend a book to you that, if you continuously practice the techniques therein, may be of tremendous benefit to you: "The Art of True Healing" by Israel Regardie; it should be available through utilize the techniques and it has improved my health considerably! Worth a try, yes?

Best, John. 02/04/03
Rated 2.0 by Award Sites!

John Russell

Cosmic Sparkle

I have visited your website and have found myself in a wonderful place filled with loving and inspirational messages. Your graphics are so cute ;)). As it happens this cute animal has been important between my late partner and I and we have collected many different Hippo's. It was kind of a funny thing when we met in the chatroom ;) and stayed with us during our time together. Your site has given me a wonderful memory back ;)

I am so sorry to hear that your life is so challenging and I admire your strength. Transforming your personal experience into an inspiration for others is a true gift. I can never know the feelings of loss and pain you experienced but I can relate to the feeling of loosing loved one's and a partner. While reading your site I realize once more how strong people are and how much we can give to each other by sharing our experience on the web. I wish you and your son happiness, good health and a life filled with joy and inspirations.

I am honoured to present you Cosmic Sparkle's Circle Of Light Award.
There are no conditions to any of my awards, you may link or may decide not to, this award is given because of appreciating towards you or your work.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your web home.

Peace and Blessings, Caroline 01/29/03


Du hast Dich um meinen Award beworben , hier nun meine subjektive Bewertung. Deine Page bewerte ich mit total 23.5 Punkten.

Bewertung pro Kriterium 1-6 (Schulnotensystem)
Design/Navigation 4
Idee 5
Inhalt 5.5
Ladezeit 4.5
Gesamteindruck 4.5

Du hast mein Bronze - Award gewonnen.

Die Bewertung ist subjektiv nach meinem Geschmack, sie soll Dir aufzeichnen
wo ich noch Verbesserungsansätze sehe. Ich gratuliere Dir zu Deiner Homepage, mach weiter so. Ich wünsche Dir noch viele Besucher und Awardauszeichnungen.

Hans Fahrni 01/30/03

Knowledge College Tutors

02/06/03 AS! Rated 2.5

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