Is Breast Reconstruction Really Necessary After Mastectomy?

Is Breast Reconstruction Really Necessary After Mastectomy?

Breast reconstruction is typically a personal decision. Whether you chose to have it or not solely depends on your preferences. Most of the time, women who have just mastectomy prefer to go under the knife for breast reconstruction surgery to feel like a complete woman again. If you are thinking about doing the same thing, follow your doctor’s advice and prepare yourself for the astounding changes in your life.


What Is Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction refers to the surgical procedure to improve the aesthetics and appearance of the breast. The main objective is to make the breast look as natural as possible. This is quite common in women who have had cancer treatment. There are three different methods that surgeons use to reconstruct the breast.

Implant Breast Reconstruction

patient holding breast implantsFrom the word itself, implant breast reconstruction uses an implant made of saline or gel to bring the breast to its natural shape. However, comparing to other techniques, implant breast reconstruction has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • generally easy on everything
  • uncomplicated surgery
  • quick recovery period
  • easy to understand


  • becomes prone to issues
  • needs additional treatment or surgical procedures for correction
Autologous Breast Reconstruction

In this method, a flap of tissue coming from your belly, thigh, or back will be used for the surgery. No harmful chemicals of prosthetics will be inserted into your body. But just like implants, it also has its own pros and cons.


  • does not require any follow-up surgery
  • more natural-looking over time


  • the surgery is harder to perform
  • longer surgery time
  • longer recovery time
Combined Implant and Flap Breast Reconstruction

For optimal results, some surgeons suggest combined breast reconstruction surgery. According to multiple studies, this technique lowers the risk of complications and future problems. The output is also much better than independent techniques as it gives a good and pleasing cosmetic outcome.

Patients who chose this strategy have fewer follow-ups and little to no problems with their breast even after years of getting it.

Overall, the actual results of the breast reconstruction surgery will depend on the patient’s situation, how she took precautionary measures, and if she followed her surgeon’s advice after the operation.


Why Women Opt for Breast Reconstruction

The main reason why breast reconstruction takes place is because of the after-effects of mastectomy or breast cancer treatment. Initially, the objective of the surgery is to help women regain their femininity and confidence which were compromised when their breast was damaged by breast cancer. Below are the common reasons why women decide to undergo breast reconstruction:

  1. To remove implants. After their breast reconstruction surgery, some women just can’t find a way to be comfortable with it. No matter how hard they try to get accustomed to the implants, it still doesn’t bring them joy and satisfaction. Hence, making them want to just remove it once and for all.
  2. To be more comfortable in any kind of clothes. Women are generally particular when it comes to dressing up. Unfortunately, for some, their breasts are lacking a little bit of aesthetics which makes the clothes they wear look unattractive on them.
  3. To rebuild their feminine strength. Let’s admit it, a perky pair of breasts is an important factor that adds up to women’s femininity. If a woman grew up with her breasts as her main asset, just imagine her frustration once she finds out that it has to be removed for medical reasons.
  4. To feel complete again. It can be a huge downer once a woman hears the news that she needs to have her breast removed. There’s this agony of too many what if’s. This is primarily the reason why breast reconstruction exists, after all, to help women become whole again.
  5. To improve romantic and love affairs. Physical attraction is one way to get into a relationship. Most of us catch attention due to our physical looks. This is the reason why some women opt for breast reconstruction, to simply look attractive and easy on the eyes.

Reasons Why Women Prefer Not To Have Breast Reconstruction

results of breast reconstructionFor some women, breast reconstruction is just not necessary. Their reasons for not having the operation differ, as mentioned, this is a personal choice, and patients are not obliged to undergo such a major operation after mastectomy.

Here are the top reasons why women say no to breast reconstruction:

  • It doesn’t have any effect on their physical and emotional well being.
  • They lack information about the benefits of the procedure.
  • Prosthetics such as implants are not their cup of tea.
  • Fear of having complications afterward.
  • They do not have the full support of family and friends.
  • They simply do not qualify for the surgery due to medical reasons.
  • They do not want to be viewed as someone who’s too vain.

Whether you chose to have or not have breast reconstruction surgery, remember that you are still a woman and a pair of breasts does not define your whole being as a person.

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