Hepatitis C – Symptoms

This is a list of common symptoms reported by patients.

· Flulike illness; alternate chills and fever
· Stabbing pains in the liver region
· Indigestion
· Irritable bowel syndrome
· Joint pains
· Vivid dreams, night sweats
· Depression, mood swings, seasonal affective disorder
· Chronic fatigue or sudden attacks of exhaustion
· Adverse reactions to alcohol
· Abdominal bloating
· Frequent urination, often during the night
· Loss of appetite
· Aversion to fatty foods
· Itchy skin
· diarrhea
· Mental fatigue, frequent or continuous headache
· cognitive dysfunction, attention deficit disorder, “brain fog”
· Irregular or poor sleep quality, not feeling rested after sleep
· Chest pains, palpitations
· Pronounced fluid retention
· Puffy face
· Swellings under armpits, in the groin area, and around the neck
· Blood sugar disorders
· Dizziness and peripheral vision problems, such as “floaters”
· Sleep dust in the eyes, eyesight difficulties
· Small red patterns of inflamed blood vessels known as “spider naevi”
· Numbness in peripheral regions of the body

*Women also report particular additional symptoms; such as, Irregular menstral cycles, severe premenstrual tension, additional menopause-related problems, and lower libido.