3 Effects Of Alcohol On Teeth: Are You Hurting Your Oral Health?

3 Effects Of Alcohol On Teeth: Are You Hurting Your Oral Health?

The majority of us are aware of the harmful impact alcohol can bring on our overall health. But not everyone is well informed of the effects of alcohol on teeth and oral health. Let us discuss how alcohol can potentially damage our teeth. Moreover, let us also tackle the common effects of alcohol on our general health. The dentists at DDII clinic in Gosford outline the importance of good oral health by informing their patients of proper oral care.



Alcohol and Teeth Health Connection

Technically, pure alcohol consumption does not pose threats to our teeth. But the thing is, not all people are drinking pure alcohol—especially these days where there are a variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from. Wine, beer, liquor, whisky- these are just some of the favorite alcoholic drinks on occasions and gatherings. These drinks have a high content of sugar and acidity. Sugar and acid are the top culprits in enamel breakdown and thinning.

Your oral health might get affected if your enamel gets weak. Furthermore, this could lead to gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay.

Excessive alcohol consumption can also be one of the reasons why some people forget to brush their teeth. Forgetting to brush your teeth once in a blue moon is okay, but habitually neglecting your oral care results in poor dental health. In addition, these actions could cause long-term side effects that you will not enjoy. Apart from putting yourself at risk of cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay, you will also be at risk of physical health problems.



Effects Of Alcohol On Teeth

People who are abusive of alcohol tend to show signs of cavities. They are also more prone to plaque buildup and teeth damages. Below are the significant effects of alcoholic beverages on our teeth.

Teeth Discoloration

illustration of teeth discolorationMost alcoholic drinks contain chromogens. This specific substance puts the color in the beverage to make them look more appealing; it’s basically like a food dye, but for alcohol. Unfortunately, chromogens stick to the enamel of our teeth, hence, resulting in teeth stains. According to dentists, we can prevent this from happening by using a straw while drinking.

On the other hand, beers contain high levels of acid. Therefore, the darker the beer is, the more it causes teeth discoloration.

Dry Mouth

Alcohol consumption has also been linked to mouth dryness. Beverages like liquor and spirits prevent the production of saliva in the mouth. Our saliva is essential in keeping bacteria at bay and washing away tartar that could lead to plaque. Furthermore, dry mouth promotes bad breath as well. To prevent dry mouth, be sure to drink water in between your drinks. Stay hydrated if you are planning to drink alcohol all night long.

Tooth Decay

Uncontrolled sugar intake is the leading cause of tooth decay. This is because the bacteria in our mouths love sugar. Sugar is their best buddy. Aside from alcoholic beverages, drinks like synthetic fruit juice, soda, and all citrus drinks contain excessive sugar. As a matter of fact, one cup of lemon juice can break down the enamel and cause sensitivity to hot and cold.


Alternative Alcoholic Drinks

Fret not because there are other alcoholic drinks that you can try. You may opt to ditch your cup of beer from time to time to try these drinks below:

Gin and tonic.
  • This drink does not pose risks of teeth staining as it’s as clear as water. Plus, it contains a meager amount of acid unless you add a citrus flavor to it.
Light beer.
  • Light beer is for those who like to drink alcohol but does not want to get drunk too much. Unlike ordinary beer, light beer contains a higher level of water and low acid levels. This makes them a safe alcoholic drink for your teeth.



Effects on Overall Health

Let us be honest; alcohol is healthy with occasional use. But we all know that too much of everything can be dangerous. Listed below are the common effects of alcohol on our body:

Alcoholic Hepatitis

This is the inflammation of the liver due to excessive alcohol consumption. The liver processes the alcohol break down, but it could only hold a specific amount at a time. So if the person drinks too much, the liver might get damaged.

Weak Immune System

Alcohol also interferes with our immunity. Drinking alcohol every day could compromise our health and put us at risk of many diseases.

Heart Problems

Like our immune system, alcohol can also weaken the heart, causing it to have irregular beats. In addition to this, it also causes high blood pressure.

Inflammation of Pancreas

Surprisingly, our pancreas could get damaged by alcohol as well. It could become inflamed and cause discomfort.

Cancer Risks

Too much alcohol promotes cancer development, such as mouth cancer, liver cancer, breast and throat cancer.


Other Effects to Watch Out For

  • stroke
  • digestive problems
  • liver disease
  • memory problems
  • issues with learning
  • promotes depression and anxiety
  • mental health problems
  • alcohol dependence
  • problems in communicating
  • risks of getting in an accident
  • uncontrolled violence
  • alcohol poisoning
  • falls burns, and drowning incidents


two girl friendsOverall, moderate alcohol consumption is still considered healthy. After all, alcohol has been a great part of many celebrations all over the world. Weddings, birthday parties, and special occasions usually offer alcoholic beverages as part of the norm.

However, drinking too much can have consequences. If you have a diagnosed health condition, it’s essential to consult your doctor about your alcohol limits. Moreover, do not forget to stay hydrated with water as well. It will prevent the effects of alcohol on your teeth. After all, water is our natural healer.







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