What Causes A Weak Immune System? (From Children To Adults)

What Causes A Weak Immune System? (From Children To Adults)

Imagine a body without an immune system. It may seem like something you hear on TV that only kids and toddlers should strengthen. Yet, many adults are compromising their immune system due to their daily activities. What causes a weak immune system is due to external and internal health conditions. For example, patients with weak immune system should not neglect their oral health as it contributes to the risk factors. You may be experiencing sudden fever, common cold, or any other pain in the body that stems from periodontal disease. Explore other health illnesses that children and adults may suffer due to a weak immune system.


The Function Of The Immune System

How does the immune system work, and what is it for? The immune system is seen as an invisible workforce that protects us from diseases and harmful foreign bodies. In detail, the immune system produces white blood cells to fight the dangerous foreign bodies called the antigens. According to science, the immune system has two categories, innate and adaptive. The innate immune system forms with what a person is born with. The parts of the body that contribute to this category are the skin, enzymes in tears and oils, mucous and stomach acids. On the other hand, the adaptive immune system develops through recognizing the threat and remembers how to fight off when it enters the body again. 


Signs That Your Immune System Is Weak

If your health condition is fluctuating from one point to another, it means that your immune system is weakening. What causes a weak immune system? Before we talk about the reasons, it may be vital for people to detect the relationship between an unhealthy immune system and its signs. Various health issues show as a result of a weakened immune system. 


  • Slow Wound Healing

Do you remember why diabetic people have a slow healing process in wounds? The immune system is less useful for diabetes as the cells do not regenerate as fast as they can. The cells that repair the wounds also have fewer nutrients that come from a weak body system.


  • Prone To Infection 

What Causes A Weak Immune System

A weakened body system makes individuals prone to any infection. Several infections that destroy the body are bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic, and prions. Although many of these diseases are external, they can also contribute to autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiency factors. A person with a weak immune system can suffer from further complications that an infection does. Illnesses in the body show in gums, tongue, lungs, liver, and even the skin.


  • Frequent Colds And Cough

A person who has a weak immune system gets sick with viruses that may transfers from person to person (SARS, COVID 19, MERS, etc.). On the other hand, having colds and cough may also be a good symptom that our body is reproducing the important leukocytes and lymphocytes that the system needs. It is crucial to make yourself healthy and sustain your immune system by eating nutritious food and take prescription medications as advised. 


  • Constant Tiredness And Stress

Feeling tired and stressed all the time may not just be due to fatigue and overwork. You may also feel that your body is continuously not in shape due to low support against antigens from your immune system. Chronic fatigue syndrome happens due to an overactive immune system that tries to fight off the infection as much as possible. It is risky to always feel high levels of stress at it decreases the production of white blood cells for the system’s protection.


What Causes A Weak Immune System?

External allergens, antigens, and other foreign bodies may show visible signs of allergies (eczema, rhinitis, asthma). Yet, there may be more than one reason why we develop a weak immune system. If you’re wondering what causes a weak immune system, you may be surprised that it may differ from children to adults. It would be best if you clarified what your immune system is going through with a specialized doctor for your health condition.


Infants And Children

Infants, toddlers, and young children may have a different set of the immune system that mostly relies on the innate category. A baby with a weak immune system may develop PIDD or Primary immunodeficiency disorder. The causes for these weak immune system problems in babies and infants are:

  • Birthing issues 
  • Mother’s health before being pregnant
  • Genetic or history of medical issues in the family
  • Development in the womb


On the other hand, toddlers and children can get a poor immune system from other antigens and foreign bodies externally. Children from ages four and above may be susceptible to health disease due to people that they engage with or from the environment they experience. Some of these causes are:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Unsanitary environment
  • Allergens, dust, pollution
  • Late symptoms of PIDD
  • Improper dental hygiene
  • Viruses, Fungi, and Bacteria


Adults And Elderly

For the adults and the elderly, many of the primary factors may come due to age and a weakening reproduction of white blood cells. Many adults can get type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis due to tissues attacking normal cells. Scientists are still researching why autoimmune disorders happen since there are still no defined reasons. However, one common point for elders to acquire a weaker body system is due to the slow regeneration of cells. You may see more adults from ages 20 or 30 and older that lack exercise or proper diet that acquires sickness quickly. Some people may also acquire severe combined deficiencies such as having fungal infection while being sick with flu.


A weak immune system in adults may lead to:

  • Cancer
  • Psoriasis
  • Lupus
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack
  • Lung infection
  • Blood disorders
  • Ear, Skin, Sinus infections


Ways To Strengthen The Immune System

Since the body is sensitive through symptoms of a weak immune system, it is the responsibility of every person to increase their immune system correctly. Many people overlook the word immune system as it seems like it’s invisible protection that our organs and other body systems can cover. But, the central hub where we can battle harmful organisms may need the best boost from nutrition, vitamins, and supplements that we take. Here are some ways you can do to improve your immune system and prevent it from weakening:


Get enough sleep

Sleeping is a positive reinforcement that our body may benefit from. Sleep helps us regenerate the cells that ward off infection, boost our immune system, and keep us from being fatigued in the morning. Having the right amount of sleep puts our body system in the best shape as possible.


Maintain your weight

What Causes A Weak Immune System Improve

Diet may just be another trendy word for people who aren’t aware that food also affects the immune system. As mentioned earlier, diabetes and high blood pressure may change how our immune system works. Moreover, the nutrients from the food allow the cells to absorb what it needs to reproduce faster and more.


Frequent Hygiene Practices

Ultimately, the best way to strengthen our body and decrease what causes a weak immune system is to practice doing daily hygiene. Simple steps like frequent handwashing, brushing the teeth, and taking a bath can improve your body’s condition in a matter of minutes. You may also listen for more advice from a general physician in a local hospital or clinic near you.

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